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Since 2000, Nola has pursued her passion for youth and community work with particular focus on working with children (aged 4 – 25) from refugee and other minority ethnic backgrounds. She has over 15 years experience promoting child voice and children’s rights through her roles with local and national grassroots organisations through to working with the world’s largest children’s charity.  


Nola is exceptionally gifted at creating interactive workshops and programmes that appeal to children and young people and empower them to deal with challenging issues in their own lives and which spark empathy and emotional connectivity with others.


Nola is an experienced and insightful educator with the ability to inspire and engage children and young people from a range of backgrounds. She has worked extensively in primary, secondary and specialist schools and a range of youth and community based settings in the UK, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. Nola has also spent time delivering empowerment and childrens rights projects across various refugee camps in France and Lebanon. 

Nola firmly believes every child should have a platform upon which to be heard, and is passionate about uplifting child and youth voices and encouraging empowerment and participation.


She specialises in designing and delivering educational workshops, programmes and child and young person consultations within the following themes:

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"Nola has run sessions on Self Esteem and Positive Self Identity, Refugee Awareness and Grooming Awareness at Police Camps 2015 and 2016 in Bradford. The sessions are always well organised, interactive and youngsters benefit so much from them. Nola discusses subjects, which are often quite complex, in an open and sensitive manner and takes into account age ranges and local needs. The sessions are always well received by youngsters and staff alike. I would highly recommend Nola Ellen Training & Consultancy for working with young people as well as staff training"
                                     Nosheen Qamer, Police Camps Coordinator
"The message of encouraging young people to speak out if they are suffering abuse is the right and healthy thing to do. Nola provides children with clear guidence on this She is also knowledgeable about services and gives good signposting information."
Learning Mentor
"I like it when you teach us, can you come again next week?"

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Nola is proud to be

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"Nola’s workshops offered a safe space for our pupils to explore and consider the potential risks associated with grooming and sexual exploitation. She empowered everyone in the group by helping them to recognise early warning signs. She built their awareness of where to go for information, help and support."  
"Nola has such a calming and empowering presence to her! Through her child refugee awareness training in Lebanon I got prepared for what was to come in my interactions with the Syrian refugee children during the workshops we had for them. While interacting with the children I simply thought back to Nola's training and what to do and say came naturally.
Then working one on one with her during the workshops gave me so much inspiration! She was so graceful, loving, patient and caring with the children (and with me!). I saw the children feel her authenticity through the love they were giving back to her regardless of language barrier"
                                     Carla Jarmakani, Amal Ou Salam Volunteer
"What a fantastic workshop Nola delivered to our students! I work for the NWSILC which is a specialist school for SEN children; our children have communication difficulties, Autism, global delay etc. We held a diversity day and Nola ran a session about refugees and she also brought her friend with her who had lived as a refugee so he was able to explain first hand his experiences. Nola delivered her workshop various times throughout the day so we could take small groups of around 8 children in at a time. Nola introduced herself by playing an interactive game with our pupils by throwing a Paddington bear to them and asking their names, our pupils loved this and she made them feel at ease. She showed a powerpoint which was broken down so it was easier for our pupils to understand with lots of pictures. Nola made our children feel very much at ease and they grew in confidence by putting their hands up and asking/answering questions, it was such a lovely day and I would certainly recommend Nola sessions as she is very gifted."
                                                        SEN Teacher North West SILC