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For Nola, community development is about building active and sustainable communities based on social justice, inclusion and empowerment. It is about raising awareness about issues facing disadvantaged groups and shifting the power structures to remove the barriers that prevent people from accessing opportunities or services and participating in the issues that affect their lives.


Nola has a proven track record in pioneering innovative youth and community development projects across a range of settings in the UK and overseas, all of which, that have at their heart a drive for equality and social change. She has overseen the development of numerous mentoring and befriending services and projects that encourage community cohesion, inter cultural dialogue and community voice.


She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and skills in culturally sensitive approaches to youth and community work.


Nola's work incorporates the following approach:


  • Promoting social justice and pro-actively encouraging inclusiveness

  • Community, individual and organisational participation

  • Cross cultural and interfaith dialogue

  • Promoting equality and challenging inequality

  • Education and personal development of individuals who work with community projects

  • Knowledge and skills transfer to support high quality outcomes and sustainability


Please contact Nola to discuss how she can work with your organisation, service or group to build capacity and enable

positive change.

Community work