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With an intuitive nature and over 15 years front line experience working with refugee children and other minority ethnic children, Nola has skilfully transformed her practice based knowledge into a series of dynamic workshops that aim to educate and inspire positive change.


Nola is an experienced, professional and insightful educator and trainer, she draws on her extensive of experience working within the refugee sector in the UK alongside her experience working with children and families in refugee camps in Europe, Jordan and Lebanon. She uses the stories of refugee children from her practice to build understanding, compassion and empathy among her audience. Her sessions inspire both cognitive and behavioural change, often leading to positive social action and more inclusive practices.    

Nola's sessions feature children's voices throughout. We hear; why they came to the UK, what the journey was like and how life in the UK has been. Nola regularly seeks feedback and engages people from the refugee community to peer review and further develop the content of her sessions.  

Participants leave her session feeling better informed and with their eyes, hearts and minds opened, feeling inspired to do their part in ensuring their schools, communities, services and settings are welcoming, empowering and inclusive for all.

Nola will consult with you about the specific learning needs of the group and will build the workshop or presentation content accordingly.

For more information or to book, please contact Nola.

Schools and groups also have the opportunity to get involved in Hearts and Hopes, an intercultural child voice project which inspires local children to connect and stand in solidarity with refugee children living near and far. Visit children's messages of welcome and solidarity here.


You can read Nola's blog on promoting the inclusion and wellbeing of child refugees in education here.

Nola is proud to be part of the City of Sanctuary and Schools of Sanctuary Movement and can advise schools on this award.

Click here to read an evaluation of international child refugee training delivered for a Syrian NGO in 2017.

Click here to read a copy of an evaluation report for a primary school in 2016,

For resources ideas for schools and World Refugee Week activities, please scroll to the bottom of this page.  















"Nola gave an inspiring and insightful presentation at the Beyond Borders conference. Her passion and care for the subject is infectious. She speaks with such compassion about the subject that she is so knowledgeable about. I can't recommend
her enough."
           Ruth Hannant
           The West Yorkshire Playhouse
"Sheffield EAL New Arrivals team asked Nola to do a presentation on the needs of Refugee Children at one of our New Arrival Roma workshop events.
It was lovely to meet Nola and to hear her sensitive and well informed talk. She obviously has the skills and experience to give advice, training and children's awareness sessions in this area. I look forward to seeing more of her in the future. I would highly recommend her. Thanks Nola." 
                                          Val Huzzard EAL and EMA Consultant,                                             Sheffield City Council

Nola offers practice based refugee awareness workshops and bespoke child refugee awareness training and talks nationally and overseas to:


  • Children, young people and staff in schools and youth settings

  • College and university students

  • Parents, carers social workers and fostering teams

  • Actors, artists, writers, creative directors and journalists


  • Community and civic society groups and NGO's


Part 1 of 3
Part 2 of 3
World Refugee Week in June 
Nola is exceptionally knowledgeable and enthusiastic about equality for refugees. I would recommend this session to children and staff in ALL schools!”
                         Deputy Head, Secondary School 
"It has left me speechless, I have thought how lucky
I really am"                                     Child
"You have helped enormously in my character development for   this role, thank you."


To book workshops for World Refugee Week, please contact me

Helpful Resources 

Refugee voices, stories and short films

For a list of classroom resources click here

Musical resources for primary schools by Grumpy Sheep

Nola Ellen's top book recommendation:

The Lightless Sky: An Afghan Refugee Boy's

Journey of Escape to A New Life in Britain

by Gulwali Passarlay 

Other Useful Links

"The way you structured and delivered the workshop enabled the children to learn about a very difficult and sensitive subject in safe, fun and interesting way”                                                                   Primary Teacher


Nola has the ability to encourage participation from her audience through her dynamic and thoughtful presentations. Her workshops are highly informed, sensitive and engaging; they have the ability to help children and adults alike to gain a better understanding into the many issues impacting refugee and asylum seeking children. Nola's deep knowledge of the relevant issues, combined with her experiences working with migrant children and storytelling talents can offer a valuable and educative experience for all participants. 
                                       Development Worker - Schools of Sanctuary
"Thank you for the amazing work you did with Project Amal ou Salam in Lebanon. You were empowering and inspiring! Thank you for the outstanding child refugee training you did for the volunteers. They benefited so much from your warm approach and your in depth knowledge of working with refugee children"
                      Nousha Kabawat,
                      Founder of Project Amal Ou Salam
"What a fantastic workshop Nola delivered to our students! I work for the NWSILC which is a specialist school for SEN children; our children have communication difficulties, Autism, global delay etc. We held a diversity day and Nola ran a session about refugees and she also brought her friend with her who had lived as a refugee so he was able to explain first hand his experiences. Nola delivered her workshop various times throughout the day so we could take small groups of around 8 children in at a time. Nola introduced herself by playing an interactive game with our pupils by throwing a Paddington bear to them and asking their names, our pupils loved this and she made them feel at ease. She showed a powerpoint which was broken down so it was easier for our pupils to understand with lots of pictures. Nola made our children feel very much at ease and they grew in confidence by putting their hands up and asking/answering questions, it was such a lovely day and I would certainly recommend Nola sessions as she is very gifted."                                                                                   
                                                                      SEN Teacher North West SILC
"I sat in during Nola's Refugee awareness training at my School for Year 7 students, and was so impressed and inspired by her approach in educating the children. It seems so simple to help children see that refugees are just like them and are all people, however this message is sometimes hard to get across, but Nola really did this well. 

Nola uses interactive techniques to engage the children and they were so engrossed and responded really well. I have worked with Refugess and even I learnt a lot during this session! Our school are looking into working with Nola again for training of our staff. 
I would really recommend Nola for training sessions for both adults and children."
                                  Ellie Jones, Roundhay High School
“Hamid’s story along with the statistics was a very powerful  way of breaking down the myths and challenge preconceptions, thankyou.”       
                                                                                           Safeguarding Lead
"We would like to thank you very much indeed for your huge contributions to our world refugee day... there is no doubt that there was a lot of food for thought for the students that day and we've had some lovely thoughtful responses from them. They also had a lot of fun."                       
                                      Head Teacher 
“Nola was an exceptional speaker for our Human Rights and Refugees talk here at Bradford College. The students and staff in attendance 
were engaged and took on board Nola's passion and enthusiasm. Nola is welcome back here anytime.”       
Lisa Donoghue,
Equality and Diversity Coordinator